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The Library/Media Specialist works hard to promote a love for reading to all Springville Elementary students. You can help support the Media Center by working with your child to ensure that all library books are handled with care and returned on time. 

Accelerated Reader
Springville Elementary is proud to be a participant in the Reading Renaissance Program, a web-based reading motivation system.
Springville Elementary emphasizes reading for accuracy, not points.  Students are encouraged to keep an average of 85% or better on their quizzes. 
Students have individual goals set that are monitored by their teachers and receive certificates when they reach their goals.
Reading Renaissance has three main objectives:
1.  to dramatically improve student reading performance, as measured by standardized tests;
2.  to improve students' critical-thinking skills;
3.  to instill in students a lifelong love of reading.
Media Center Online Catalog


Media Center Online Catalog is now available!

This new site will provide parents and students access to the library catalog, AR test lists, and exciting library news all from the comfort of home!


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